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How To Publish your Ebook as a Paperback on

The definitive guide to becoming a published author on in 3 days or less, creating another stream of income, and boosting your credibility in your target niche.

Hi there,

Hot off the press is my latest Ebook, "How To Publish your Ebook as a Paperback on".

I guide you step by step through the process of getting your book in the correct format for submission to, then submitting it and promoting your book on the world's biggest virtual bookstore. And the best thing of all is submission to is free, and I show you how!

Here is an example of the book cover you will create or outsource for your ebook on Amazon:

The ebook is 30 pages, and contains detailed instructions and screenshots guiding you step by step through the entire process.

With your ebooks for sale as physical books on Amazon, you'll create another stream of income and increase your credibility as an author overnight!

There are a number of other distinct advantages to being a published author.

  • You will be quoted in both the media and other books.
  • You can add the book to your CV, biography and other marketing literature.
  • You can purchase your own books at a heavily discounted price from the printer, and sell them yourself at seminars, conferences, training events, to customers, loved ones and friends.
  • When you publish more than one book in your niche you gain credibility and become an expert in your field. This will increase your customers trust in you, and will lead to many indirect sales and consulting engagements.

    As a special BONUS, you will also receive a FREE email consultation with me when you're ready to submit your book to You can ask me any questions at all, and I will guide you through the process.

    BONUS 2
    As a 2nd special BONUS, you will also receive a demonstration video that will guide you step by step through the process.

    Don't take MY word for it, here is what some people just like you are saying about "How to Publish your ebook on"

      Wow! I just purchased this book and read it.

    I have extensive experience in publishing. (This is not a brag. I just want to put my rave review in perspective: I've edited more books than I can remember. I'm a published, mainstream author with books at Amazon, and I'm currently completing a five-book contract. I review books for several websites, and provide cover blurbs for traditional publishers. My husband is a pre-press professional with 15+ years in the publishing field. I'm a consultant for journalists and authors. And, I'm in the process of setting up my own publishing house.)

    In other words, I didn't expect to learn much from this book, but figured, "Hey, for $7, why not?"

    I'm amazed. You've provided a wealth of information. Most of your ideas are entirely new to me, and they're very clever. The software link in your book is going to save me more than 5x the price of this book. And, I'm eager to put your suggestions to immediate use.

    This is a tremendously useful book, with enough screenshots to make the process easy, even for a complete beginner. I'm very impressed!

    Thank you!

    Joan Manager
      Bought this from jane a week back and just went through it.

    It's really good, especially with detailed instructions and tips. Never knew that selling a physical book on amazon was this easy and cheap. Will definitely be putting this information to good use when our team launch physical books for our products. At $7, this is a steal.

    Thank you for this Jane.

    Alvin Huang
      Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the book, it contains a lot of information regarding selling physical books, I will take a look at the book template also.

    John Sullivan
      What a helpful idea and product! I grabbed this right away. Thanks for your creativity, and ingenius products.


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