Self-Publishing With the Help of a Book Cover Template


Many authors have recently decided to self- publish their own books but have noticed that they need help laying out a cover that they can send right to the production company.  This has been made much easier recently with the creation of book cover templates.  Let's discuss what book cover templates are and how they help self-publishing authors save time.  This information is critical for any author that is looking to self-publish their book, but feels that they need a little help designing a cover.


Book cover templates will usually come in GIF image format, or layered Photoshop, PSD format for you to edit with your book cover.  You can import the PSD into either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to simply edit and format your book cover right in the graphic manipulation program. In the program you will be able to lay out your graphics, text and background colors as you would like it to appear on the cover of the book.  If you find that you struggle with the process you will always be able to transfer the book cover template to a graphic designer for them to lay it all out for you.  This is a big help because as long as you, or your graphic designer follows the deign template, you will be pleased with how well the physical book matches the graphic that you laid out.


Authors can save plenty of time designing their cover art using a book cover template.  By just editing the book cover template authors can quickly create their cover graphics.  This is a big help to any author that is not familiar with the book cover design process.  If you are looking to self-publish a book and feel that you need help designing a book cover templates, consider using a book cover template.

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